Potential impacts/benefits: 

• Green space management: biodiversity/nature conservation (not formal park)
• Climate resilience: urban cooling, carbon storage
• Air quality: interception of pollutants
• Water management: flooding buffer
• Public health and wellbeing: reconnecting people with nature/improving mental/physical wellbeing
• Potential for economic opportunities and green jobs: enhancing value of properties, SuDS management opportunities.

Developed as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the Athlete’s Village is a purpose-built, low carbon village. Set in Glasgow’s East End, the site hosted athletes during the games but now provides homes for a new community. A site of approximately 35 hectares, post-games over a thousand homes were provided. In addition to public greenspace and private gardens, a comprehensive SuDS plan was developed for the site. Comprising permeable paving, swales, rain gardens and balancing ponds, the athlete’s village SuDS represents a comprehensive integrated stormwater management system that provides multiple benefits to the new community.