Connecting Nature Roadshow April 2022

13 May 2022

Paula Vandergert EM|Path

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Three lessons for co-creating nature-based solutions: How can we build natural networks to deliver the deal with stakeholders?

21 July 2021

Shibeal Mc Cann

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Building back better with nature - a world of opportunity!

18 June 2021

Esmee Kooijman

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Green buildings for biodiversity—who are the industry leaders?

5 May 2021

Siobhan McQuaid, Associate Director of Innovation Centre for Social Innovation Trinity College Dublin

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No Fauna Have Been Harmed in The Making of These Gardens.

26 February 2021

Roisin Byrne

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Connecting Nature: what does success look like?

28 October 2020

Stuart Connop University of East London.

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Getting to Know You

5 August 2020

Paula Vandergert and Susie Miller Oduniyi

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Covid has upended all the normal routines in our lives and work.

22 July 2020

Marcus Collier

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Looking Back to discover the new normal

25 June 2020

Gillian Dick, Glasgow

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Post-COVID – an opportunity for a new type of business?

20 May 2020

Siobhán McQuaid

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Mobilising Finance for Biodiversity in Ireland

15 April 2020

Dr Shane Mc Guinness and Dr Craig Bullock BIOFIN Ireland

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Opportunity and stakeholder Mapping Workshops

20 March 2020

Sean Kelly Senior Project Officer Development Plan Group Glasgow City Council

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Mosaic management: the missing ingredient for biodiversity innovation in urban greenspace design

6 February 2020

Stuart Cannop & Carol Nash University of East London.

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A Storm in a Bioswale: Breaking Down Barriers to Nature-Based Solutions

17 December 2019

Stuart Cannop & Carol Nash University of East London.

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Co-creating inclusive green cities: European examples and global learning opportunities

16 October 2019

Katharina Hölscher Drift & Alice Reil ICLEI-Europe

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5 July 2019

Dominika Dymek & Agnieszka Osipiuk

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Engaging the UN-usual Suspects

8 June 2019

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15 May 2019

María García Gómez & Isabel Lema-Blanco

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The invisible industry of urban nature

25 March 2019

Clara Grimes, Communications Officer, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

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Modern nature-based solutions in Poznań kindergartens

30 October 2018

Agnieszka Dziubała, Miasta Poznań

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Crowdfunding parks – workable or wishful thinking?

14 September 2018

Ian Goodman & Siobhan McQuaid

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Citizen Science as a tool to promote Nature-based Solutions

5 July 2018

Adam Fowler, Connecting Nature Intern, TCD.

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Blandscaping - A Form of Ecological Gentrification?

8 June 2018

Stuart Connop, University of East London

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Dementia Friendly Gardens: Nature-Based Solutions Supporting Healthy Ageing and Well-Being

23 May 2018

Sinéad Grennan Chief Executive, Sonas apc, Tom Grey Research Fellow, TrinityHaus, TCD, Clive Jones Newtown Saunders Ltd,Dimitra Xidous Research Fellow, Centre for Social Innovation, TCD Connecting Nature

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Could a paradise city ever come about?

27 March 2018

Jane Stout Professor of Botany at Trinity College Dublin

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Nature-based Solutions: The Secret Weapon in Climate Change Adaption?

12 March 2018

Adam Fowler, Connecting Nature Intern, TCD.

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A hymn to nature in my city

5 March 2018

Dr Paula Vandergert is a Senior Research Fellow in the Sustainability Research Institute, University of East London.

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When climate comes unhinged, we need to re-think how to build our cities

22 February 2018

Dagmar Haase; Professor of Landscape Ecology, Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ

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Connecting Nature: connecting what to what?

29 January 2018

Dr Marcus Collier, Dept of Botany, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin

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Nature-Based Solutions: The New (Green) Kid On The Block

19 January 2018

Nadine Galle is a consultant at Metabolic and PhD Candidate at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin.

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How Spaces & Places Heal Us

17 January 2018


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Urban Bees

22 December 2017

Cian White, Doctoral (Phd) Candidate, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin

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