How to embed nature-based solutions in your city? 

It starts with good governance. Governance is broader than government - it covers the legal frameworks, the formal and informal networks and organisations and the rules and policies related to the thing being governed. Governments change; governance continues and evolves.

Governance rests on the recognition that nature-based solutions are better developed when people and organisations collaborate. This is because nature-based solutions are ultimately for everyone – and developing them together makes sure that different needs and interests are considered, and local opportunities are mobilised. Collaboration also supports the long-term stewarding of a nature-based solution.

For example, a local municipality may no longer have the resources to manage a nature-based solution, and thus it may want to involve local communities or entrepreneurs in the process. Governance is also about the coordination of people and organisations so that all their activities contribute to the desired multiple benefits of nature-based solutions.


Below you can find an overview of relevant resources from the Connecting Nature project related to governance. 




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