Demand for nature-based solutions has increased exponentially in recent years as the concept has become widely accepted and encouraged by organisations from the European Commission to the United Nations. Nature-based solutions are complex, however, and most organisations do not have the capabilities in-house to design, deliver and manage them. However, finding skilled and experienced suppliers is a major roadblock in the wider uptake of nature-based solutions.

Nature-based enterprises can help to meet this challenge. They support cities, private sector and third sector organisations in the planning, delivery and management or stewardship of nature-based solutions in urban, peri-urban and rural contexts.

Nature-based enterprises (NBEs) use nature as a core element of their product/service offering. Nature may be used directly by growing, harnessing, harvesting or restoring natural resources in a sustainable way and/or indirectly by contributing to the planning, delivery or stewardship of sustainable nature-based solutions. Connecting Nature research has identified 11 sectors in which these enterprises are active, as well as ways to support them. 




Below you can find an overview of relevant resources from the Connecting Nature project related to nature-based enterprises.