This activity book can be used by a range of audiences, including people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, who are interested in Nature-based Solutions, to facilitate their storytelling process. It has so far been tested on professionals and teams involved in the Connecting Nature project as a communication and co-production tool to mainstream their Nature-based Solutions. As a tool, it aims to help work through the difficulties of creating powerful and impactful narratives based on first-hand experience, for a range of purposes. Moreover, we hope that this activity book will be useful as a reflexive activity for individuals and teams seeking to sort through piles of data and make decisions as to how and why to tell their story. It is meant to help Nature-based Solutions practitioners think about their narrative through a number of incremental learning team tasks. We explain why a clearly communicated narrative is essential and guide you through the process of creating yours. We have used examples from Connecting Nature and the experiences of illustrating a complex framework to be able to tell a story. We want to guide and inspire you to do the same!