This document provides a detailed overview of knowledge transfer activities between the FRCs and FFCs. The report will also outline some key innovations and next steps – including (a) the collaborative approach undertaken across WPs as part of the ELF in the design and delivery of Knowledge Transfer – Phase 2, (b) the development and application of a novel arts-based co-creation methodology, and (c) an innovative approach to on-line knowledge transfer via a series of Learning Platform Webinars. Finally, a number of key reflections and learnings are threaded across the document, including: the role of the CN Framework to help the cities build narrative and tell their NbS story; how best to support the retention of explicit knowledge via short practical exercises; designing activities that provide an opportunity to apply knowledge in ‘the real world’; creating and sustaining meaningful spaces for significant peer-to-peer support (via RM sessions); adapting KT activities (impact of COVID-19 on face-to-face activities and the design and delivery of the Learning Platform Webinar); and , exploring future application of lessons learned and delivery of KT activities to non-Connecting Nature partners.