This Deliverable reports on the implementation of the Connecting Nature Framework in the Front Runner Cities Genk, Glasgow, and Poznań. It showcases how the cities made use of the framework to implement their nature-based solutions exemplars, and summarises how the cities’ experiences contribute to (connecting) diverse types of innovations for the large-scale nature-based solutions implementation in cities. The Framework supports the planning, delivery and legacy of nature-based solutions on a large-scale in cities, and its aim is to provide a comprehensive standard that informs urban planning and policy practice to scale up urban resilience, innovation and empowerment via nature-based solutions in cities. The framework facilitates learning by and for cities on how to generate and connect diverse types of (e.g. technical, market, governance, social) innovations engendered by nature-based solutions. In this way, we generate innovation propositions for science and practice for the large-scale implementation of nature-based solutions and for making Europe a global leader in the innovation and implementation of nature-based solutions.