The municipality of Pavlos Melas is located in the Northern Greece, in the Region of Central Macedonia, in the northwestern part of Thessaloniki. The municipality has a population of ~100.000 and faces challenges in addressing issues in the environmental, economic and social cohesion section. Through nature-based solutions, Pavlos Melas municipality intends to achieve environmental, social and economic benefits.

NBS Exemplar:
The flagship nature-based solution of Pavlos Melas municipality is the creation of Pavlos Melas Metropolitan Park on a former military camp (about 33 hectares) located in the dense urban fabric. Due to its metropolitan character and its large scale, the regeneration project has the potential to become a groundbreaking exemplar on the national level of how a wide range of benefits can be found in investing in green (re)development.

At the same time, Pavlos Melas camp is an important historical place for the community memory and local identity, that nowadays is considered an ‘Urban Gap’. In order to reverse the situation, the municipality has focused on a co-created strategic regeneration plan that was co-created with key stakeholders and citizens through an extended public consultation process. The transition will be achieved unleashing its potential as a valuable natural resource, historical site and driving force for economic growth, job creation, social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

The project first phase (A) focuses on the environmental upgrade of the open space and the appropriate infrastructure construction to ensure accessibility and safe public use. It is estimated that phase A will have been finished by 2023. Next phase(s) projects will focus on the renovation of buildings, loading the Metropolitan Park with a diversity of uses & functions. The project will focus on the renovation of the preserved buildings (no new construction is permitted) and further development of outdoor spaces.

Using the Connecting Nature Framework:
The participation of Pavlos Melas municipality in the CONNECTING Nature partnership (June 2017) as a fast-follower city was the most crucial transformation point. The CONNECTING Nature framework has been applied by the municipality as a novel process of strategic planning to transform the former military camp into the flagship nature-based solution of the city. 

Connecting Nature Partner:

Municipality of Pavlos Melas


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Case study

The municipality of Pavlos Melas is located in the Northern Greece, in the Region of Central Macedonia, in the northwestern part of Thessaloniki. The municipality faces...


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