Sarajevo is a city in the heart of Europe that is specific in historical, cultural, and natural aspect, a city that unites east and west and that is open to the new and different. It has a population of ​​275,000 in the city and 643,000 in the metropolitan area. The citizens of Sarajevo, taught by experience, appreciate the opportunities, especially taking into account the premise that everyone is equal. The development of a resilient city pleasant for the life of citizens of all ages and meeting their needs is one of the goals of the city.

NBS Exemplar:
Within the Connecting Nature project, the Sarajevo exemplar was created, as the first nature-based solution, which will provide the inhabitants of the city a place for relaxation, entertainment, learning and play, not forgetting one specific target group -people with special needs - children with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

The Sarajevo exemplar idea is to create urban garden and sensory park within the Secondary Vocational Education and Training School which will have multifunctional purposes and will be opened to all citizens, but it would be adjusted to special target groups.

The exemplar will have double purpose:

1) it would provide multipurpose area for the pupils of the School (urban garden will be used for learning and sensory park will be used for developing motor skills of the pupils)

2) it would include numerous activities for various target groups in order to provide societal, economic and environmental benefits, but also to contribute to solving above mentioned issues of Sarajevo.

Using the Connecting Nature Framework:
As a result of the joint work of the Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency and the City of Sarajevo in applying the CN Framework, the exemplar is developed which satisfy more factors: it is in line with local, city and cantonal plans (as wider objective), it is in line with EU recommendations, contributes to health and well-being, can contribute in solving Sarajevo’s issues (pollution, lack of green areas in the urban area), it promotes importance of the green zones in everyday’s life of the city habitants and it is also focused on inclusive approach to the children with disabilities/marginalised groups and their integration into society.

Connecting Nature Partner:
Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (SERDA)


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Case study

The development of a resilient city pleasant for the life of citizens of all ages and the satisfaction of their needs is one of the goals of the City, but also of other...


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