Poznań (population approx. 540.000) is located in central-western Poland, in the central part of the Wielkopolska province. Poznań is a major business and academic centre as well as a place rich in historical heritage, varied cultural life and leisure opportunities. The city is rich in green spaces, but they are not equally distributed. Despite a well-developed green infrastructure system based on the Warta river valley (called “green wedges”), this is threatened by development pressures and the densely build-up districts in the dense city core lacks green spaces.

NBS Exemplar:
The Poznań nature-based solution focus is on two types of actions that contribute to materialising the long-term vision of Poznań as a city of interconnected green spaces that reconcile high quality of life with sustainable infrastructure and economic development:
• Open gardens in kindergartens and other public institutions that provide publicly accessible green space and therefore increases access to previously restricted green space. The institution responsible for the functioning of the greenspace ensures that users follow safety rules that are co-designed by the interested stakeholders.

• Nature-oriented playgrounds that promote nature-based solutions in the architectural design and modernisation of playgrounds for children. This is complemented by ecological education programmes to change the relation of Poznań’s (youngest) citizens with nature and empower citizens to set-up their own nature-based solution initiatives.

Connecting Nature Partner:

 Miasto Poznań


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